Let's talk digital

There are a lot of things going on in a kitchen, some of them are secret, of course, but we believe on making things easy.


There are a few things can boost and improve campaigns: spices and new recipes. And yes, we found equivalent for digital marketing.


We learnt how to find and classify influencers into different categories to focus on the ones with already a high interest on the topic, so we don´t need to pay them for this. Each kind of influencer needs a strategy to be approached. Come and see how do we do that.


Learning needs to go on and on. Social media audits, competitor research, which keywords our audience look for, what kind of conversation they have… there is a lot of knowledge out there waiting for us to be learned and applied to the upcoming campaigns.


Take a look about what we do and how we do our magic


This is our specialty. If everything is well planned, less things can go south.

When we plan we take good care of the goals you have (or should have). The most important is to make clear there is any reason why we are doing this, one place to arrive, one goal to achieve.

All the campaign should be planned to get there and the success shall be measured with clear KPIs. All our campaigns have estimated goals to achieve and we make our best to get there.


Did you think a good plan was enough? The party has just begun! Even if the plan is good already, there is a lot to do now: decrease the initial cost per click, getting to a more specific and quality audience, increasing the unique users… You got a good car, but now you need to drive it, to make most of the straight roads and squeeze the curves.


After the campaign we do need to wrap everything up. To see the achievements but also to learn what was good and what was bad. There a lot of new learnings in every campaign: every campaign and every audience are and behave differently and the best way to be ready for next campaign is to understand the previous one.