We love cooking, but we love numbers a bit more. We are a team of digital consultants specialized in online advertising, social media, SEO and web analytics and we are here to help you to build a social media campaign.

What we can do for you?

Media Planning
Optimizing & Monitoring
Campaign Reporting
Influencers Research
Research & Social Media Listening


Cooking & planning is all about love and affection. When we plan a campaign we look carefully to the how the final taste of the dish should be. Choosing carefully the social media platforms part of the dish and how they interact with our different audiences is key to get to the final goal. Don´t get trapped just communicating stuff.

Campaign set up

When campaign is ready, a good set up of the campaign helps to get the most of your campaigns.

Monitoring & Optimization

When the campaign is live and kicking, it is all about learning, looking closely at how the campaign evolves and interacts with the audience to be able to tweak its performance to make sure that the end goal will be reached on the desired time and budget according with estimated milestones.


KPIs analysis and reporting after the campaign to show achievements and to extract best practices to learn the best way to reach client ́s audience: learting of what works, what doesn´t for next time.


Other things we do also is researching, analysis and rank the influencers that can help you and you should engage with? We have developed a methodology to identify, classify and choose the strategy to use to interact with them. Find the best cook to help create your best meal today.

Research & Social Listening

Analysis is important at this stage of the campaign to better plan and prepare the campaign. Audience research to understand how to better plan the campaign.

Who are the top authors that drive the conversation?

Who is the audience that engages more with a topic.

What is the conversation about?

What is the trend of a certain topic?

Crisis alerts


Organic visits are usually the most valuable ones because the users are the most engaged ones. The best way to find things in your kitchen is to organize well your species. We do help Google to find your website easily so your organic visits increase.